Thursday, July 3, 2014

Twillingate, Newfoundland - St. Peter's Anglican Church

While on my trip to Newfoundland with Cousin Peter and Cousin Kelly we took a boat tour in Witless bay to see the puffins. 

I do not know how I can come from a seafaring people because I hurled like I had taken ipecac; that is a medicine used to induce vomiting. I was dying, a cold sweat, the shakes, the works - serious, serious motion sickness. Now granted, it was a rough sea that day but I get nausea just standing on the dock. So by the time we got to Twillingate, there was no way I was getting on a boat tour to see icebergs. I saw them just fine from the harbor - - look:

In any case, while Cousin Peter and Cousin Kelly hit the seas I romped around Twillingate looking for records on my dead people. 

A trip to Town Hall directed me to the Twillingate Museum which is housed in the former rectory of St. Peter's Anglican Church. 

They had a few records of burials in the community. In this instance, though, their records didn't provide me with anything I hadn't already learned online. But I got to give them information they didn't know.

Their records showed a burial for a Thomas Warr in December of 1890 but I know that Mr. Warr's body is not interred there. He was the captain of the ill-fated ship "The Rise and Go" on which my great-great grandfather, Abraham Earle, was lost.

You learn something new everyday, but once in awhile you get to teach something new too.

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