Thursday, July 3, 2014

Twillingate, Newfoundland - Hart's Cove Cemetery: Location, Location, Location

My great grandfather, Abram Thomas Earle, was born in Twilligate, Newfoundland on January 13, 1891. He was the youngest of seven children born to Abraham Earle and Sarah Samms-Earle. Two of those children died before Abram was born as did his father. Abraham Earle died at sea in December 1890 on a ship called "The Rise and Go." Abraham never got to meet his son, Abram.

Sarah remarried on September 15, 1894 to James Bromley who was a widower. Less than 5 years later Sarah would succumb to consumption. She died in March of 1899 when Abram was just 8 years old.

I learned all of this information online through websites like, , and I had also seen Sarah's headstone online through a resource called StonePics. is the result of a massive project to photograph and index every cemetery, headstone, and monument in Newfoundland, Canada. It is amazing. If you have ancestors buried in Newfoundland you MUST check it out. I actually saw the headstone before the resource was online, before there was an online. I purchased a CD-rom of the images back in the late 90s.

What I learned from StonePics was that other Earles were buried in the same cemetery as Sarah; Hart's Cove Cemetery. 

One of those other Earles included an Elias Earl. In notes that were written by Abram's sister Susie, she indicates that Abraham's father was Elias. Many people say his father was William but no one has produced documentation for me. Based on Susie's notes, I believe Elias to be my 3rd great grandfather.

This is Elias's headstone. 

This is Sarah's headstone.

What StonePics did not show me was this.:

Elias Earl and Sarah, whom I believe to be his daughter-in-law, are buried no more than 10 feet apart. I found no other Earles marked in that cemetery; only those two Earle headstones. I believe they share a family plot. I am now more convinced than ever that Elias Earl was the father of Abraham Earle and with no existing documentation I can only trust the information passed down to me.


  1. Hi, I've been searching for my husband's ancestors - which lead me to find your site - his ancestors are Sophia Goudjer and Elias Earle. I would love to compare notes - Jana Smith

  2. Hi, I'm the great grandson of Thomas Warr, master of the Rise and Go.

    1. Hi Denis. Are you in NF? I have intentions of going there in June. There is a headstone for your great grandfather in Twillingate but as you know his body was never recovered so it's really just a cenotaph. Have you seen it? Want a photo when I go? Post me your email.