Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Hunt for Health Food Started Goat Society

This newspaper clipping was in one of my Nanny's big boxes of loose photos. It is about her parents and their founding of a Goat Society in East Hempstead, which is now known as Uniondale, Long Island, New York.

The article below is about my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Henry and their dedication to feeding their family healthy food long before the hippies came along. In addition to the Goat Society they formed of local farmers raising goats, they also formed a Rabbit Club.

The photo is of my grandmother, left, and her sister Regina Henry-Drew, right, holding on to the new kids in the herd of goats their family kept.

My grandmother and all of her siblings really have very strong bones. My grandmother recently had a fall though, and fractured her hip. She is up and about though sprinting past other 80-somethings with her walker. She took a very hard fall; she slipped on wet grass and fell onto the concrete in front of her house. Because her bones are so strong they opted to do the surgery for her fracture when in most cases they put the person on bed rest to recover from a fracture. Nanny credits her strong bones to having been raised on goats milk.

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