Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family Resemblence: I look like Nanny

My niece Sofie was born this past October. 

Me at age 38; Sofia 1 week old.

Immediately the family sought to see a family resemblance; who did she look like? We were all a little shocked that she was not a blond like most of the children in my family start out as; Sofie was born with a full head of black hair. Cute as could be but quite unexpected. I was absolutely a towhead; someone with nearly white blond hair. 

Me at about age 3; circa 1977.
For the most part I think Sofia looks like her dad; who in turn really looks like his father. Although, Sofie has eyes like those of my family; specifically eyes like my father's. For such a pretty little girl, Sofie looks like her grandpas.

I look like my dad too. When I share these photos with most people they are a little taken-a-back. Think I might look like my dad?

Left: me about age 8 (circa 1982), Right: my father about age 8 (circa 1957).
And now watch this... Think dad might look like his mom??:

My paternal grandmother, Clare. Kindergarten photo about age 6 (circa 1935).
My father's family often discusses which grandchild looks most like Nanny. They can debate all they want; I don't even bother to get involved in the chat anymore. I mean, seriously, I look most like Nanny.

Here is a photo of my grandmother taken in about 1964 at approximately the 35 years of age. And beside it is a photo of me taken at the age of 34. Debate all you want...

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