Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Women's History Month

I know that it is already March 7th and I have not yet wished you a happy Women's History Month. That is because, honestly, Women's History Month kind of pisses me off though. I mean, women are half the population; aren't we half the history? Shouldn't we have half the months? I know the month is supposed to bring focus to a portion of history that has long been neglected but still, I refuse to let just March be my opportunity to focus on women. I write about the women in my family all year long.

I do, however, have one family photo that jumps to mind whenever Women's History is mentioned. This photo:

Look at all those women and their children.

There is some debate in the Henry family about when this photo was taken and if everyone in it has been properly identified. I do know for certain, though, that the young girl standing in front in the white dress is my Great-Grandmother, Anna Marie Sauer-Henry-Stoothoff. She was born in 1899 and so it has been estimated that this photo was taken in 1909.

The women at the center of the photo is my Great-Great-Grandmother Agnes Gray-Sauer who was born in 1871 which means if this was indeed taken in 1909 that Agnes is about 38 here. That is how old I am today. I have to say, we look pretty good for our ages.

The boys to the left of Great Grandma Anna are most definitely her brothers, William Sauer and Joseph Sauer. William on the far left was born in 1901, Joseph Sauer, in the middle, was born in 1903.

I will not go on to further identifying the individuals in the photo because, again, I am not absolutely certain if I have the information right.

I just really like that I have a photo that dates back so far in my family's history. I like that the women and children are gathered together. And I like that most of them, especially my Great-Great-Grandmother in the center looks, look pretty happy.

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  1. I just Love the old photos.....just let's your mind wander!