Friday, March 1, 2013

Grandpa's Mustache

Yesterday morning my 4 month old niece came to spend the day at my house with my dad and step-mother. I had to go to work but I did get to watch dad and Sofie play together for a while. She likes to yank on his mustache - - which reminded me of an old family photo that I have.

This here is a picture of my paternal grandfather's brother, my great-uncle, Allen Preston Earle (1916-1956) with his great-grandfather, John M. Losee Sr. (1841-1918). Based on Allen's year of birth and John's date of death this photo had to be taken in 1917 when Allen was about a year old.

Like my niece, I think little Allen was super cute with his devilish grin. And John had a pretty awesome mustache too. Don't ya think?

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  1. My dad's mustache was always short & trim but he had a beard that I used to love pulling so much as a baby that he finally had to shave it off lol - great pics!!