Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Have Only Seen Photos of Her When She Was Much Older

In addition to helping me break through many of my research brick walls, my DNA testing has reconnected my family with not so distant cousins. This past week my Uncle's DNA results lead me to a match with a second cousin twice removed. 

That removed business confuses people. All it means is a generation apart. This cousin would be my grandma's second cousin, my dad's second cousin once removed, and my second cousin twice removed. Get it? No? Well, moving on...

This cousin had a photo of my paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother. My great-great grandmother, Annette Hinch-Henry. 

Annette Hinch-Henry circa 1889
I have only seen photos of her when she was much older.

I say this often. It is important to spread out and not just go back in time. Research more than just your direct ancestors. Research their siblings and in-laws. Sometimes those are the people who inherited the good stuff. 

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  1. Congrats on connecting with your cousin who shared this wonderful photo with you! Awesome!