Friday, August 15, 2014

A DNA Prediction recently had their DNA kits on sale for $79.99 as opposed to the usual price of $99.99. Gotta keep your eyes peeled for when it is on sale if you are interested in taking the test.

I recently asked a cousin of mine to take the test. Cousin Jacquie and I are 2nd cousins but we are also 4th cousins. [Let the confusion set it.] See, her grandpa and my grandma were siblings which means we have the same great-grandparents in common; that makes us second cousins. BUT my grandpa and her grandma were 2nd cousins which means Cousin Jacquie and I also have a set of great-great-great grandparents in common making us 4th cousins. I know, I know it might be hard to follow. In any case...

This double cousining made me curious as to how we would match genetically. It is my prediction that the DNA results will match us as second cousins or closer, as first cousins because we are genetically second cousins and then some.

We will know in just a few short weeks because Cousin Jacquie has finally spit in the tube. YAY!!

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