Sunday, January 26, 2014

DNA: Well This is Very Interesting Indeed!

In my last post I predicted the results of the DNA tests I had done for my father and my sister. Their results came in today.

For my father I suspected that he would be a "a little less Irish than I am" and that he would "show a little more DNA from Great Britain." And he does!!

As for my sister, I didn't really think her ethnic profile would be all that different from my own. I mean, we do have the same parents. Maybe we'd be off by a percent of two here and there but look at the comparison:

I think the most shocking result was that of my sister's very high percentage of West Europe. West Europe includes France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Czech Republic, and a few other countries that are neighbors to those countries listed. We have ancestors that I can document who were born and raised in those countries so that is not the surprising part; my results include those areas as well but they are grouped differently - much differently!!!  Why is that???

I am going to have to do a little more research into these results in order to understand them. In the meantime I am excited to delve into connecting with other researchers who have matched with my dad and sister. I also have to get on the ball and get my grandmother to take her test.

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