Friday, August 2, 2013

Inherited Artistic Talent??

Both my sister and I are very artistic. While I studied to be an art teacher, my sister actually became one. 

A common discussion among many families is where one derives their talents from. I don't know if I put much stock in talents being inherited. Neither of my parents are artistic in a conventional sense; my father is a mechanic and talented at putting things together and thinking spatially where as my mother, who can not draw to save her life, does indeed have wonderful taste in terms of dress and decor. Maybe those characteristics contribute to my and my sister's talents - - maybe.

In digging around on my mother's side I discovered that her mother's grandfather, Johann Prinz (a.k.a. John Prince) was a wood carver. Now to me that sounds as though it requires artistic talents. He does not list himself as an artist or a sculptor or a carpenter; always as a wood carver. This leads me to believe he was more of an artisan. I don't know what he carved but I like to imagine religious icons, ornate wooden cabinet doors, and things of that nature. Again, though, I do not know for sure what works he created.

I would love to connect with other Prinz/Prince family researchers and find out how artistically talented their clan is.

My great-great grandfather, John Prinz Jr. married Sabina Krantzel on January 16, 1881 in New York City. They had 6 children that I know of: 
  1. John Antonio (born on October 27, 1881 – died December 14, 1975, age 94) 
  2. Frank (born on December 4, 1883 – date of death unknown)
  3. Margaret (born on October 26, 1886 – died December 15, 1915, age 29)
  4. Charles (born in about May of 1889 - died on July 16, 1890, age 91)
  5. Mary - my great grandmother -  (born October 15, 1893 -  died July 17, 1983, age 89)
  6. Edward (born in about 1892 – date of death unknown).
Great-great grandpa John died on April 21, 1929 at the age of 75 due to a heart attack. He is interned in St. Michael’s Cemetery in Queens, NY. 

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