Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obituary: Damas Desjardins, my great-great grandpa

Yesterday, October 9, 2012, was the 101st anniversary of the death of my great great grandfather, Damas Desjardins. He was my maternal grandfather's paternal grandfather; if you can follow that.

I once interviewed my maternal grandfather about his family history. Grandpa Gardner was not terribly forthcoming with information. He shared but not in the same overly informative way other relatives have shared. In speaking with him, he mentioned that he grew up in Patchogue, Long Island, New York; although everything I have found on him roots him in Astoria, Queens County, New York. He told me his parents families came from Quebec, Canada; and that at some point the family name was changed from Desjardins to Gardner.

My search in Patchogue led me to this obituary about my grandpa's grandpa; confirming just what Grandpa Gardner said and many facts essential to my Gardner/Desjardins Family research.

You too can search through historic Suffolk County New York newspapers for free online through:

The Patchogue Advance
October 13, 1911

Damas Desjardins

Damas Desjardins died at his home on Avery avenue early Monday morning in his sixtieth year of his age, after suffering for eight months with a complication from diseases. The funeral was held on Wednesday, with service in St. Francis de Sales' Roman Catholic church at 9:30 a. m. The Rev. Fr. Cronin officiating and internment was made in St. Francis cemetery. Mr. Desjardins was born in Montreal, Canada. he was a carpenter by trade and was employed for a long time in New York. He had lived with his family in Patchogue for nearly five years. Mr. Desjardins was known to his friends here by the name of Gardiner, and Anglicization of his French family name. He leaves a widow and ten children some of whom live in the city.

Desjardins Family Plot, St. Francis de Sales' Cemetery, Patchogue, NY

Very hard to read here but this is the footstone with the family name.

D. D. is Damas Desjardins.


  1. I had family in Patchogue, too, but about 15 years after great great grandfather died. Still don't know where they're buried though...I love how our ancestors make it even HARDER to find them by (unofficially) going by different names!

  2. I was very surprised to learn the Desjardins were Catholic because my Grandpa Gardner was not...but apparently his paternal grandparents were. Do you know what church your family belonged to in Patchogue? That could help determine the cemetery. There is St. Francis de Sales, Lakeview, and...and...another one whose name escapes me.